Cabela’s “Fish for Millions” Derby Starts May 4


Grand Prize: One Lucky (and skilled) fisherman could win $2,000,000!

Cabela’s is hosting its Fish for Millions derby where anglers can win up to $2 million in cash and about $275,000 in prizes by catching tagged fish in select lakes in Idaho and 22 other states.

The derby starts on Saturday. Cabela’s, Ranger Boats and Chevy are tagging fish in Idaho, and more than 100 lakes throughout the U.S.

To register, go to Cabelas.com, and on Saturday you can find out where the prize fish are released.

In 2012, 118 out of 1,000 winning fish were caught in the derby. The number of tagged fish will be 1,500 this year. It’s pretty cool to fish for millions, and definitely more fun than buying lottery tickets.

The Grand Prize is worth:

  • $1,000,000 – If the Grand Prize Fish is caught and logged in the first ten fish by any participant in the contest – subject to verification, see Official Rules for complete details
    • $2,000,000 – If the Grand Prize winner meets the above criteria and qualifies for the Cabela’s Grand Prize Doubler
  • $100,000 - If the Grand Prize Fish is caught and logged 11th through 100th by any participant in the contest – subject to verification, see Official Rules for complete details
    • $200,000 – If the Grand Prize winner meets the above $100,000 criteria and qualifies for the Cabela’s Grand Prize Doubler
  • $10,000 – If the Grand Prize Fish is caught and logged 101st through 1,500th by any participant in the contest – subject to verification, see Official Rules for complete details
    • $20,000 – If the Grand Prize winner meets the above $10,000 criteria and qualifies for the Cabela’s Grand Prize Doubler

Sponsor Prizes: (Prizes may not be exact model shown)

Participants catching verified eligible fish will win one of the following, based on randomly preselected fish logging order.

Ranger: TWO (2) WINNERS: A 520Z Bass Series Comanche boat; including trailer and Ranger Standard Features with 250HP Evinrude Outboard. Approximate retail value of each = $60,000.


Chevy: ONE (1) WINNER: The all-new dependable, long-lasting 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab: Winners may select the vehicle options of their choice for up to a total manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $55,000.


Cabela’s Ultimate Shopping Spree: FIVE (5) WINNERS: A $5,000 Cabela’s shopping spree. Approximate retail value of
each = $5,000.

Cabela’s Ultimate Fishing Gear Packages: TEN (10) WINNERS: A $2,595 Cabela’s Ultimate Gear Package. Approximate retail value of each = $2,595.

Cabela’s Tournament ZX/Tourney Trail Split-Grip Casting Combo: FIFTY (50) WINNERS: A Cabela’s Tournament ZX/Tourney Trail Split-Grip Casting Combo. Approximate retail value of each = $100.

Cabela’s Tournament ZX/Tourney Trail Split-Grip Spinning Combo: FIFTY (50) WINNERS: A Cabela’s Tournament ZX/Tourney Trail Split-Grip Spinning Combo. Approximate retail value of each = $100.

Costa: FIFTY (50) WINNERS: A certificate for a pair of Costa sunglasses. Approximate retail value of each = up to $250.

Cabela’s Gift Certificates: UP TO ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED THIRTY TWO (1,332): A $100 Cabela’s gift certificate.



A Cabela’s Trophy Property: Spectacular “Off the Grid” Snake River Executive Waterfront Ranch

AMAZING best describes all the unique features of this Sun Valley Builder’s Own Custom Snake River Waterfront Ranch and Dream Home.

Perched overlooking the Snake River the home takes in all the views with its floor to ceiling windows and patios.

Totally self-contained with its own solar power system, wells, water rights and ponds. Fruit trees, 3 ponds, garden with green house and room to farm whatever suits your fancy on this 46 acres of paradise.

Geothermal well which produces water at 88* year round. King Hill Canal Company irrigation water. Hunting out your door for deer, duck and many other critters.

Additional buildings include a 40 x 70 barn, 24 x 72 equip shed, 10 x 12 garden shed, 14 x 19 greenhouse and 20 x 20 artesian well pump house.

FREE: Cabela’s Recon Maps


  • View full-color topo maps and aerial images
  • Drop waypoints
  • Check local weather reports
  • Scout potential hunting lands and fishing spots
  • Send preplanned trips to other Cabela’s apps (Recon Hunt & Recon Fish)


With detailed maps and powerful tools, Recon Maps is the best way to plan and organize your next hunting trip or fishing trip. Use this app to research hunting lands, find fishing spots and scout access roads.


Research place before you go out there by checking out our beautiful, full-color raster maps.

  • View five different map types: streets, hybrid, aerial, topo and terrain
  • Access more than 68,000 topo maps in US and Canada. Topos scales are 1:24K in the Lower 48, 1:63K in Alaska and 1:50K in Canada.
  • See two maps at once. No single map type has all the essential details to plan your next outing. So turn on Dual Map View and fade between two different map types at once.


Recon Maps features a quiver of tools to help you find that trophy buck or catch the big one.

Waypoints: Drop-and-drag waypoints on to the map. Name them and add descriptions, whether it’s a boat dock, fishing hotspot, deer camp, or remote Forest Service roads to get to your secret spot.

Place Search: Looking for new lakes brimming with bass, or that hidden meadow full of elk? Use our search to find more than 10 million places. Find trails, peaks, lakes, rivers, forests and more.

Digital Compass: Press the mini-compass to overlay a large digital compass on the map. See compass bearing and declination too.

Ruler: Need to find out the distance from deer camp to hunting stand? It’s easy to measure the distance between any two points.

Smart Paste: Copy GPS coordinates from hunting and fishing websites and instantly map their locations into Recon Maps.

Coordinates: Match your latitude/longitude or UTM coordinates to your paper map, GPS device, or Recon app. Supported map datum: WGS84 and NAD27.

** Go Anywhere **

Register a free Cabelas.com account to save your outdoor trips to the Trip Cloud, a free service that lets you access your private trips on nearly any device. Benefits include:

  • Store and backup unlimited trips. Never lose files again—even if you drop the iPad in the lake.
  • Auto-sync trips between your computer, mobile phone and iPad.
  • Enhance trips planned in Recon Maps with more FREE map tools at Cabelas.com/recon.
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** Learn More **

Got questions or feedback on Cabela’s Recon Maps. Go to: http://recon.uservoice.com/

** Coming Soon **

We are excited to launch our initial release of Recon Maps. We are also working on more features, including:

  • Public land maps
  • Hunting unit maps
  • Lake contours for 6,800 lakes
  • Advanced weather
  • And more

Watch for future releases coming soon.

NOTES: Cabela’s Recon Maps is designed and optimized for iPads. It works on both the Wifi and 3G models but the Wifi models lack a GPS chip required to show your exact location. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

DOWNLOAD NOW:  Cabela’s Recon Maps for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Quality Photos Can Make The Difference When Selling Your Home

Companies that sell products tend to be meticulous about the photography of the merchandise they’re advertising — the pictures are almost always crisp, detailed and attractive.

If you’ve surfed online for houses, you know what I’m talking about — the offending photos are so dimly lit you can’t tell how big the family room is. Or toys and family clutter are all over the place. Couldn’t they even bother to take the dirty dishes out of the sink before they photographed the kitchen?

A good understanding of color temperature, having proper lighting, quality, high-end equipment and a trained eye makes all the difference when creating professional marketing photos for any home that’s for sale. This photo is of a home I took in the Golden Eagle area. All Photos © George Martin, Jr., Hallmark Idaho Properties

Brian Balduf runs a company that provides photography services to real estate brokerages, and he has seen it all. He said the quality of real estate photographs didn’t used to matter much, but the growth of online real estate marketing and the advent of the iPad and photo-sharing sites has changed that. Balduf, chairman of Chicago-based VHT Inc., explained how it’s crucial these days that photographs of your house must really sell it:

Q: I suppose it’s easy to blame the real estate agents for poor real estate pictures — after all, they’re agents, not photographers. But why are so many of the photos so bad?

A: Agents, in the past, just marketed homes to other agents (by generally only placing photos on their multiple listing service). They weren’t marketing to consumers. Then the Internet came along, and (the photo quality) still didn’t matter a lot.

Until the iPads and tablet displays became really popular recently, all real estate photos on the Internet originated from the MLS, and the images just weren’t very detailed. But as soon as you started presenting them full screen on iPads or people were able to look at them on 50-inch, flat-panel television screens, consumers started realizing, gee, these photos are really bad.

It’s interesting, because consumers aren’t used to seeing bad (marketing) photos. Every other product they see online, even if it’s a $2 bucket at Wal-Mart, is going to have a good photograph.

And the photos are going to be critical for grabbing the attention of the people who are cruising through houses on the Net — if you didn’t get them with that first impression, you may never get that buyer back.

Q: If you’re listing a home for sale, what should you ask an agent about photography?

A: First, ask to see samples (of photos of previous listings), just like with any other service provider. And ask for photos (of current listings) that are being used to market the houses you’re competing with. If you’re selling a three-bedroom, two-bath, ask to see the photos of other three-bedroom, two-baths nearby.

Ask if the agents photos are optimized for the newer high-resolution displays such as Apple’s Retina displays used on most of their newer products.

The good, bad and ugly thing about these newer HD screens is they automatically make a great photo look even better, but really make a bad photo look even worst. What do you want the photos to say about your property?

Photo above is a lower priced home in Woodside, Hailey Idaho

You’re starting to see more progressive real estate firms saying this is important, and they’re having their listings professionally photographed. But it varies a lot, regionally, and the number of professionally shot houses is small, maybe 10 to 20 percent of the market. Chicago is fairly good about using professional photography. It’s starting to pick up more on the coasts. On the West Coast, you probably see the most professional photography in San Diego.

I took this photo from apx 30 feet in the air – Gimlet Area of Ketchum Idaho

In Florida, you’re seeing it more, and you’ll see more aerial photography there — that is, they might shoot a house from a crane or boom because buyers want to see what’s behind the house — a waterway, a pond, the Everglades.

Q: What goes into good real estate photography?

A: It’s harder than most people realize. Room photography is lighting, lighting, lighting. And when you photograph a home, you may be dealing with every kind of lighting — exterior lighting, incandescent, fluorescent — so without controlled lighting, every room is going to come out different. You may see a lot of bluish bathrooms and kitchens.That’s were a good understanding of color temperature comes into play.

Another challenge is balancing the light so you have a good photo of the interior while allowing the exterior views to shine through. Luxury contemporary home located in Sun Valley

Outside, you want to time the photograph to control for weird shadows; you also want to get rid of parked cars or garbage cans in the driveway.

Another aerial photo taken from apx 30 feet in the air. This home overlooks both Dollar and Baldy in Sun Valley Idaho and recently sold for 5+ million. The out of state buyer said the photos, aerial maps, etc. I posted on the internet for another agent played a large role in viewing the home prior to deciding to call a local realtor and fly into town to see the it in person and ultimately purchase.

And it takes a real camera. Technology is making it easier to shoot bad photos — camera phones don’t have enough flash or depth of field (for rooms). Your drunk friend at a Cubs game, a camera phone is great for that. But if you have a room that’s deep, you want to be able to see it.

A room needs to be shot on a tripod — it’s a must, because the shots have to be level. It can be a gorgeous home, but if the photos are dark or crooked or pixilated, you have either helped the buyer pass your home up or they’ll place less value on it.

Q: What if you have a very simple, ordinary, unadorned home? It may be a great place to live, but what if there’s nothing in it that would look particularly “gorgeous,” by room photography standards?

A: If you don’t have anything that’s unique about your property, then you want to make it look as good as possible. Good, clear photography of a neat, clean home may be your one competitive advantage if you’re on the market and competing against 20 similar starter homes. You may be able to make it sell before the guy who has the same house across the street.

You don’t have to own an expensive home to expect high quality marketing photos. One of the photos above is an affordable home in Woodside and another in Della View.

F.Y.I. The Della View property was just listed this past week and had 4 offers presented within 72 hours of posting the HD Photo Tour online.

Another picture perfect street side view in downtown “Old Hailey” Idaho

Local community and lifestyle photos also help people outside our area get a better understanding and feel for what Sun Valley and it’s surrounding communities are like.

Finally, quality photos are important, but they won’t make a difference if nobody sees them.

It’s critical for your listing agent to have the proper tools, knowledge, networks and syndication’s to give your property maximum exposure by reaching buyers outside the immediate area.

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune / Hallmark Idaho Properties

PRESS RELEASE: Cabela’s Partners with Hallmark Idaho Properties

Debra Hall, Owner/Broker of Hallmark Idaho Properties, is proud to announce that her firm has become affiliated with Cabela’s, the World’s Foremost Outfitter, in a recreational real estate listing service called Cabela’s Trophy Properties.

Hallmark Idaho Properties will be responsible for serving the needs of recreational buyers and sellers in the greater Sun Valley areas. Cabela’s Trophy Properties is an exclusive recreational property listing service for marketing fine sporting and recreational properties to sportsmen and investors worldwide.

“Cabela’s Trophy Properties is a global network of professionals who are on track to become the ultimate one-stop-shop for the purchase, sale, improvement and management of recreational properties.”

As the new marketing programs become available Hallmark Idaho Properties will make clients and customers aware of them by posting updates on HallmarkIdahoProperties.com.  Participating agents at Hallmark Idaho Properties have been helping people who have dreamed of owning land for many years, and now they will be able to apply the benefit of Cabela’s outdoor marketing expertise to the properties they represents that qualify to be in the Cabela’s Trophy Properties program.

The firm invites you to visit the Cabela’s Trophy Properties website at www.CabelasTrophyProperties.com.

For more information about local real estate visit www.HallmarkIdahoProperties.com

If you are a recreational buyer or seller and want to know about the services available to you through this program you can call Debra at (208) 928-7653 or email her at Help@HallmarkIdahoProperties.com

About Cabela’s Trophy Properties LLC: Cabela’s Trophy Properties LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cabela’s Corp. (NYSE: CAB), is a global network of experts who serve the recreational industry. For more information please call 1-800-535-6007 or visit www.CabelasTrophyProperties.com.