Bad Online Advertising – Why You Should Care When Selling

Below is a reprint of a recent article on a generic Seattle Real Estate Website. The same market strategy is true here as many of the Greater Sun Valley buyers come from out of the immediate area. Good and/or Bad Online Marketing makes a difference as to the end result.

Choosing the right marketing agent can make the difference between failure and success. Before listing your property for sale, compare the online marketing presence and strategies of agents you interview. Ask to see what type of proactive marketing they will do “For You” to help sell your property. Now to the post . . .

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With 90% of buyers starting their home search online, and the Seattle area being so tech savvy, the days of bad online advertising is over. For a long time the trend was for sellers to choose a real estate agent based solely on who they know, whether it be a family friend or the agent they used to originally buy the house. More and more I’m seeing sellers abandon this strategy and interviewing multiple agents, searching for one that know’s how to beautifully showcase a property online. As a result, you’re going to see the marketing for listings improve (and buyers everywhere rejoice!).

Another trend I see coming to an end is the seller paying for the buyers closing costs. For the last few years the real estate market was down, and it was almost a given that the seller would pay at least a portion, if not all of the buyers closing costs (up to 3% of the purchase price). There are plenty of buyers but not enough inventory right now, therefore sellers are rarely paying closing cots. Of course if the market turns this trend will come back, but for the time being it’s on its way out.

SOURCE: Seattle.Curbed.com


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