Considering Selling? Marketing is Marketing is Marketing

The product doesn’t matter, be it cars, sodas, real estate or toilet paper, marketing is about reaching the consumer by putting your product in front of them in the best light possible and creating a call to action that creates results.

Ever shop for a refrigerator? All of a sudden you notice they are having a sale on refrigerators. What you didn’t notice before is that they are always running a sale on refrigerators. It didn’t register or mean anything until you had the need or desire to purchase a new refrigerator.

Successful marketing is more like a well planned political campaign and it should never stop!

Marketing real estate in a small community like Sun Valley is no longer about who knows whom, what clubs or social groups an agent belongs too, but instead it’s about reaching a much larger audience including outside the immediate area on a regularly scheduled basis . . .

. . . i.e. not the old fashion way of the one time “Open House” advertising blast or the so called “Interactive Marketing” via the ride on the chair lift with a total stranger you hope might be in the market to buy some real estate.

Professional networking and cooperation is also required to truly represent a seller’s best interest, as the days of holding information close to the vest in hopes of a full commission are gone. Protecting listing information and details in an effort to land a buyer yourself doesn’t create the same success rate for sellers as openly sharing and promoting the information while being very transparent in all your pre-planned, daily agent related marketing activities.

The level and quality of professional marketing offered shouldn’t be based on price range either.

It’s just a critical to have a strong online presence including locator maps, plat maps, CC&Rs, neighborhood and community information, professionally taken photos, etc. for a $120,000 condominium, as it is a $5,000,000 trophy home. Otherwise you could be leaving money on the table, or worst yet be unable to sell your property.

Linked below is a sample of the professional marketing we do for seller’s we represent.

The subject property had multiple offers written by various real estate companies and the winning purchase and sale agreement was presented to the seller on a pre-planned targeted sale date  (target sale date was 11 days after activating the listing and on the specific day offers would be reviewed for consideration by the seller). Written purchase agreements included offers over and above the list price but because of special needs and desires of the seller an offer was accepted that provided unique concession to the seller we successfully negotiated at the time of sale.
While pricing a property is important, it’s not the only strategy and/or marketing element required in achieving the desired results.

If you’re considering selling and want real results, give us a call for a free market analysis and comprehensive marketing plan. We’re here to help.

George Martin, Jr.

Associate Broker, GRI®, Marketing Director
Certified Distressed Property Expert®
Hallmark Idaho Properties


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